Brother Tod Pottersfield had a quiet, peaceful life as a lowly priest of the Black Church. Humble and pious, he had no desire to rise beyond his station nor to experience adventures.

But when a gang of temple raiders use him to loot the Church of valuable and dangerous artifacts, Tod is forced to go on a quest to recover them – a quest that grows more desperate by the day as the artifacts begin to spawn hideous monsters, dark powers, and hordes of undead!

Along the way, Tod discovers strength within himself, the burgeoning love of an attractive female thief, and the friendship of an unlikely magical outcast. Together the three of them set out to save the mysterious mechanical planet Gyre from certain – and terrible – destruction!

Gyre and The Turning City are written by Eve Forward and Bob Forward.  They are sister and brother, and have worked together many times on animated series such as Legend of Zelda and Biker Mice from Mars.  They have also each written and published novels, but this is the first time they have attempted to do one together.

It is their sincere hope that you enjoy the result.


GyreWorld and The Turning City are represented by Jason Dravis

Gyreworld animation courtesy of Sean Jackson